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Shamanic Healing: Quero Andean

Michele, is a mesa carrier trained in the Munay-Ki Healing Ceromomies and the Munay Karpay.

Shamanic Healing works to align the body, mind, and soul through ancient ceremonies determined by the shamanic practitioner that align with the individual's need(s) in relationship with mother earth, Pachamama, nature spirit animals, guides, angels, the mountains (Mt. Mitchell and Mt. Washington), ancient Andean shamanic ancestors (Wiraqocha and Huascar), Father sky (Inti Tayta), Chakana (bridge between the 3 worlds: lower (healing), middle (our world) and upper (spirit connection), and the universe. Shamanic work supports removing heavy energy, Hucha from our luminous light bodies that contain the 12 chakras, ceki lines (energy pathways), and to remove blockages that hold us back from moving forward, retrieving soul loss, removing curses, hexes, and attachments. 

If you suffer with anxiety, phobias, habits, psychological stress, sickness, feeling stuck like you cannot move forward, and are in need of chakra energy cleansing try a session to cleanse, balance, retrieve a loss soul, gain a spirit animal, and improve your body, mind, and soul.

Divination with spirit world indian style.jpg


Divination is performed by the Medicine Sister, Michele to connect with the ancestors, spirit guides, angels. The purpose is to clarify matters related to helping someone reach their healing goals.Divination can occur at the beginning of the first session and sometimes for specific ceremonies.

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The healing Drum Ceremony

Drumming is great way to heal! Clear heavy energy, Hucha from your luminous light body to restore harmony through drumming over the chakra system to remove imbalances.

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Luminous Light Body Cleansing Ceremony

Using a feather, rattle, or other appropropriate shaman tools this ceremony is s cleansing of the energy field, the luminous light body, to clear heavy energy and remove them from the energy field that protects the body and linked to the chakras.

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Extraction Ceremony

Using mesa stones or other shaman tools extracts spirit intrusions and entities from the luminous body of the client. Other ceremonies may be required, such as a Kuti Despacho, beyond the extraction of the intrusion and/or entity. At this time a referral would be given out to help remove the curse.

Note: This ceremony also works with the chakra system used to pinpoint the energy imbalance location. Clients will be grounded and a protection ceremony will be performed.

stuck, cannot move forward.jpg

Blockage Removal Ceremony

Ceke energy lines connects parts of the body to another part. Removing a blockage, feeling stuck, not being able to move on, or repeating patterns are some determining factors for this Andean energy line pathway clearing. Once determining the blockage site(s) the blockage is removed, then reconnected once cleansed.

A bridge with healing light surrounding it in the mountains.jpg

Saywa Healing Ceremony 

Working with stones, chakras, and the intent to remove a learned behavior or imprint (emotion, belief, thought, or event) the process through using both pressure and release points releases the unwanted energy to Pachamama (mother earth) for renewal. The ceremony calls on an ancient Inka spirit shaman, Wiraqocha to receive a Saywa healing gift.

wounded soul andean inka.jpg

Soul Retrieval Ceremony

A soul can be wounded through trauma, injury, and strong emotional wounds. Becoming whole and healed from the wounds helps you to return a missing feeling, thought, and return the fragmented soul essence back to the return of whole you. Soul loss can occur from past lives and into the present. The process is lengthy and may take several sessions to complete. The process moves from identifying the wound, removing the energy of the wound, then a soul retrieval journey begins. Michele will journey to bring back energies such as spirit animals, plants, places, angels, and ascended ones will be returned as gifts. The soul fragment lost will be returned, and a medicine gift (soul element) may also be gifted. Grounding and protection will be the last step in the healing process. Lastly, a follow-up is recommended

Communication between the living and the spirits

Ancestral Wound Removal Ceremony

Ancestral wounds can carry down from generations to generations manifesting through traumas, learned and repeated habits that cause a current family generation to experience patterns, blockages, traumas, etc... that prevent the current individual from moving forward without the traumas, habits, values, etc....

History of addictions, temperments, repeated sickness, abuses habits, and more are conditions that may be related to an ancestor from the past.

Michele with Soul journey with her spirit guide to the ancestors lineage involved to heal the wound, return any gifted soul elements, and ground, then protection ceremony.

Restoring harmony to the body and energy centers

Restoring Harmony Ceremony

This ceremony restores harmony to the luminous bubble surrounding everyone. The chakra energy is restored by working with releasing heavy (Hucha) energy or intrusion through eneryg belts, and working with Mesa stones. Afterwards grounding and protection ceremonies are performed.

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