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About Asklepios Sacred Healing Therapy, LLC.

My name is Michele Dumbrowsky.

Founded in 2024, I am the CEO/founder of the Asklepios Sacred Healing Therapy, LLC..  I have been working 17  years in the massage industry prior to starting my own business  in order to branch out into  herbal medicine and shamanic energy/soul healing .

My Calling as a healer:

My story started with a deep interest in natural healing. I started working with herbs personally in 2000 to help manage allergies, natural wound care, etc... then, I later in life I felt the need to learn professionally about herbal care and natural products. I started with the universe energy pulling me into massage. If you believe in synchronicity, I felt the repeated draw for massage school back in 2007. The synchronicity did not stop until I started my massage career. Years later I was pulled to go back to college, hence my BA degree, and finally, my MS in medical herbalism.  I enjoy working with herbs, making products, and finding ways to add herbs to recipes to support health.  I experienced shamanic healing to help with my own anxiety, PTSD, etc..., as I found deep healing that helped me towards wholeness. In my quest to heal myself, I found a connection with nature, and was honored to be initiated in to the Karpay ceremonial rites under the Quero South American Indian Inca traditions linking the body, mind, and soul to nature, elements, pachamama, and into the cosmos.

Who is Asklepios:

 Asklepios (other variations include Asclepius), the Demigod son of Sun God Apollo was considered the God of Medicine starting in the 6th century BC. Hippocrates, a devotee to Asklepios was believed to be a 19th descendant of the Demigod.  It is believed that Asklepios was taught by Chiron in the art of health and herbal medicine. Asklepios brought the dead back to life, causing Hades to have Zeus kill him. Afterwards, Apollo reasoned with his father for the good of his son, and Asklepios was brought back to recieve GOD status of healing. In the 6th century to 355 A.D., Asklepios became the god of physicians, as they needed a hero to support and bless their medicine. Temples were built, people would come to Asklepios to receive massage, hydrotherapy, diet, and exercise advice from temple doctors listening for the advice from Asklepios. The Asklepios rod with the single serpent snake (often mistaken for Hermes staff the winged caduceus) is still honored today in medicine.  Retrieved from:

HART G. D. (1965). ASCLEPIUS, GOD OF MEDICINE. Canadian Medical Association journal, 92(5), 232–236.

Health and Wellness Passion:

In an oath to do no harm either under the old Asclepius/Hippocrates oath or to honor the ancestral Inca traditions I am dedicated towards helping everyone find their body, mind, and spirit balancing.

My Summary:

My interest in natural medicine using herbs to balance the body has been a practice I have used for over 20 years. The interest in holistic and herbal medicine paved the passage into choosing my masters degree in herbal medicine. I also enjoy making natural herbal products, thus offering lotions, creams, and other future products.

Let’s Work Together

My Education:

I started my massage career as a registered massage therapist (RMT) in 2007, from Baltimore School of Massage. In 2018m I became a licensed massage therapist, (LMT) in the state of Maryland.  My State of Maryland Department of Health License # M05995.  

I hold a BA in Complementary & Alternative Health from Ashford University 2018 graduate. In addition, I hold a BS in Clinical Herbal Medicine, 2023 from Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). MUIH is  now  Notre Dame of Maryland University as of 2024. 

I have completed Shamanic Healing training certificate through Paul Sivert, LCPC of Annapolis, MD from the Shamanic Healing Institute.  My training is in the  tradition of the Quero Indian of South America. I am a Mesa Healer carrier trained in the 9 rights of Munay Ki,  Medicine Wheel healing ceremonies. The ceremonies supports chakra interfering and energy loss, soul loss, power reduction, and ancestor wound healing. In addition, I am trained with the Hatun Karpay, opening of the 9 chambers of the heart for spiritual development and growth.  


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Asklepios Sacred Healing Therapy, LLC.

Michele Dumbrowsky

1446 Maryland Ave, Severn MD 21144

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